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Emperior of Liang Jeweled Repentance, Set of 5 Books
Product ID : ChineseAndEnglish5
This Repentance Dharma of Kindness and Compassion in the Bodhimanda was...
Ten Thousand Buddhas City Accomplishes Ten Thousand Buddhas
Product ID : ChineseAndEnglish3
“Whoever comes to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas... will become a Buddha...
Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony
Product ID : ChineseAndEnglish2
Great Compassion Repentance Ceremony in both Chinese and English
Cosmic Magic Syllables Save the World 天地靈文救世界 (English/Chinese 中英雙語)
Product ID : ChineseAndEnglish1
A simple explanation by the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua. Bilingual:...
Cherish Your Body - Chinese/English
Product ID : ChineseHandbooks3
Pearls of Wisdom by the Venerable Master Hua 衣裡明珠 ISBN 0881398683
Venerable Master Hua's Talks on Dharma, Vol. 1 - 宣化上人開示錄 (1)中英文
Product ID : EnglishDharma1
Venerable Master Hua's Talks on Dharma, Vol. 1 Chinese/English...
A Biographical Sketch of the Venerable Master Hua 宣化上人簡傳
Product ID : ChineseBiographies1
宣化上人簡傳-中英文 A Biographical Sketch of the Venerable Master...
City of 10,000 Buddhas Recitation Handbook (Chinese/English) 萬佛聖城日誦儀規 (中英文)
Product ID : ChineseOriginalSutras1
Contains all the material in the traditional morning, afternoon, and evening...