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Venerable Master Hua's Biography 宣化上人事蹟
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Lives of the Patriarchs(revised version /A set of 4 vols.) 再增訂佛祖道影(一套4冊)
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Fo Zu Dao Ying 佛祖道影白話解 (一)
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佛祖道影白話解 (一) ISBN 0881390801
Changbai Mountain and the Black Dragon River to Foster A philosopher 《白山黑水育奇英——宣化上人事蹟中國篇》
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《白山黑水育奇英——宣化上人事蹟中國篇》 ISBN 9789867328434
A Collection of Verses and Songs of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua 宣化老和尚偈讚歌詠專輯
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A Biographical Sketch of the Venerable Master Hua 宣化上人簡傳
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宣化上人簡傳-中英文 A Biographical Sketch of the Venerable Master...