Chinese - Books for the Youth 青少年系列

Yuan Man De Xin 圓 滿 的 心
Product ID : ChineseYouth11
中 文 佛 教 童 話 故 事 ISBN 0881390305
The Truly Awakened One (Chinese/English) 真正的覺者(中英文)
Product ID : ChineseYouth10
真正的覺者(中英文) ISBN 0881398632
The Rakshasa Ghost and the Bhikshu (Chinese/English) 羅剎鬼與比丘(中英文)
Product ID : ChineseYouth9
羅剎鬼與比丘(中英文) ISBN 9780881398670
The Intention of Patriarch Bodhidharma's Coming from the West (English/Chinese) 達摩祖師西來意 (中英文)
Product ID : ChineseYouth8
達摩祖師西來意 (中英文) ISBN 9780881398519
The GiantTurtle (Chinese/English) 大龜王 (中英)
Product ID : ChineseYouth7
大龜王 (中英) ISBN 9780881398502
The Classic of Filial Piety (Chinese/English) 孝 經 (中英文)
Product ID : ChineseYouth6
孝 經 (中英文) ISBN 9789867328441
Standards for Students (Chinese/English, Book + CD) 弟子規 (書 + CD)
Product ID : ChineseYouth5
弟子規 (書 + CD) ISBN 9780881394894
Fo Fa Feng Duo Jing 佛法芬多精
Product ID : ChineseYouth3
佛法芬多精 ISBN 9867328051
A Home Called Spring Breeze 一個名叫春風的家
Product ID : ChineseYouth2
一個名叫春風的家 ISBN 9789867328328
Standards for Students (Chinese & English - Book Only) 弟子規 (中英雙語書)
Product ID : ChineseYouth1
弟子規 (中英雙語書) ISBN 0881394890