Cherish Your Body - Chinese/English

Cherish Your Body - Chinese/English
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Pearls of Wisdom by the Venerable Master Hua 衣裡明珠
ISBN 0881398683



When you are peaceful and happy, you will influence the people around you to feel peaceful and happy, too. When everyone lives in harmony, the world will no longer have wars. 青少年時期是生命中的春天。春天時,萬物欣欣向榮,朝氣蓬勃。但必須順其自然去生長,合乎生理的程序。故宣化上人殷殷囑咐青少年們,莫輕易浪費生命的能源,以致傷害身體及靈性。本書配以清新可愛的插畫,相信您會愛不釋手。

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