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Responsible Living - Kindle, eBook
Explorations in Applied Buddhist Ethics—Animals, Environment, GMOs, Digital...
Sixth Patriarch Sutra - Digital Download - 42 Audio Files
Audio Files of Sixth Patriarch Sutra. Total time 15 hours and 42 minutes. MP3...
Primeros Pasos: Tres Refugios y Cinco Preceptos - Digital Download - Both mobi and epub files
Si uno desea ser cristiano, primero se debería bautizar, como reconocimiento...
The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra - Download. Both mobi and epub files included.
The so-called “shorter’’ Amitabha Sutra has been and is a foundation of...
Earth Store Sutra - Download - Both mobi and epub files included.
Although virtually unknown in the West, the Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth...
Highway Dharma Letters - Digital - Both mobi and epub files included.
From 1977 to 1979 American Buddhist monks Heng Sure and Heng Chau undertook...
The Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra Second Edition- Download Kindle Format
“The knowledge and vision of the Buddha is just your own mind; there is no...
Three Steps - One Bow: American Buddhist Monks' 1,100-mile Journey for World Peace.- Download Kindle Format
Based on the principle that peace in the world begins with peace in our...
Bienvenido al Monasterio - Spanish - Download PDF Format
: ¿Has visitado alguna vez un monasterio budista? ¿Qué cosa esperas...
Welcome to the Monastery - Download PDF Format
Have you ever visited a Buddhist monastery? What should you expect? Welcome...
Spring Sun Lotus Flower - Download Kindle Format
Spring Sun, Lotus Flower Quotes from the Teachings of Venerable Master Hsuan...
The Heart of Prajñā Pāramitā Sūtra - Download Kindle Format
Known as "the most recited sutra in the world," the Heart Sutra has been...
Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra or Diamond Sutra - Download Kindle Format
This sutra, commonly referred to as the Diamond Sutra (金剛經 Jin Gang...
Exhortation to Resolve Upon Bodhi: The Ultimate Commitment of a Buddhist - Download Kindle Format
Master Sying An (d 1734) of Hang Zhou encouraged his disciples to resolve...
The Sutra in 42 Sections - Download Kindle Format
Sutra in 42 Sections, ISBN: 978-1-60103-022-1 Author: Venerable...
Kinh Nhat Tung (Daily Recitation Handbook in Vietnamese) - Download Kindle Format
Kinh Nhat Tung (Daily Recitation Handbook in Vietnamese) ISBN: 978-1-60103-019-1
City of 10,000 Buddhas Recitation Handbook (Chinese/English) 萬佛聖城日誦儀規 (中英文) - Download Kindle Format
Contains all the material in the traditional morning, afternoon, and evening...
Flower Adornment Sutra Chapters 28 and 29 - Download Kindle Format
Chapter 28 - The Ten Spiritual Powers, Chapter 29 - The Ten Patiences BASED...
Un Manual de Chan (In Spanish) - Kindle Format
Download - (In Spanish) Talks on Meditation by The Venerable Master Husan Hua
Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas - Kindle Format
An Essential Text of the Yogacara School.
The Surangama Sutra - Download -Both mobi and epub files included.
Download - A new translation into English with footnote excerpts from the...
Buddhism A to Z - Download - Kindle Format
Download - What do sangha, karma and Bodhisattva really mean? Who were the...
The Chan Handbook - Download - PDF Format
Download - Talks on Meditation by The Venerable Master Husan Hua
Herein Lies the Treasure Trove - Download - PDF Format
Download - You will receive an email with a link to download this digital...