English - Children's Books

Snow Covered Peaks
Snow-Covered Peaks - What Are Bodhisattvas Like? retold by Bhikshuni Jin...
The Rakshasa Ghost and the Bhikshu - Bilingual English/Chinese
Buddha's Wisdom I ISBN 0881398675
The Intention of Patriarch Bodhidharma's Coming From the West (English Edition)
A compilation of Venerable Master Hua's lively accounts of the First Buddhist...
The Giant Turtle King
In a past life, Shakyamuni Buddha was a huge turtle. ISBN 978-1-60103-076-4
No Words - Teachings of the Buddha (in English)
Treasury of Buddhist Stories and Values ISBN 9780881394269
Human Roots for Young Readers
Buddhist Stories for Young Readers - Set of two volumes. ISBN 0881393177...
Filiality: The Human Source (Volume Two)
Filiality is the very root of Way virtue. ISBN 0881390208
Filiality: The Human Source (Volume One)
Filiality is the very root of Way virtue. ISBN 0881390062
Dew Drops (Original Edition)
Pearls of Wisdom by The Venerable Master Hua. ISBN 0881398624