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Dew Drops (Original Edition)

Dew Drops (Original Edition)
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The Pearl of Wisdom is within ourselves, and we should not seek for it from the outside.

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    Snow-Covered Peaks - What Are Bodhisattvas Like? retold by Bhikshuni Jin Rou, illustrated by by Shramanerika Gwo He Snow-Covered Peaks is a devotional book for children, retold from the Buddha’s long discourse on The Land of Bliss. It is a great book for children to connect with their kind and caring nature. Beautiful artwork is combined with text, introducing children to the most significant values of Buddhism, such as loving-kindness, compassion, giving, and courage. On each page, the reader meets one of the Buddha’s helpers, a wise and kind Bodhisattva, and learns what’s special about them. The book ends with a message of how children can bring peace in the world by being a Bodhisattva too. An inspiring book to read with your children. paperback 978-0824817602 40pp||$8.00 2016

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